Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend activity

I'm not sure of the mental and/or emotional components that must be in place, but lately I've been going through my stuff, gearing up for either a big Goodwill donation or garage sale with my neighbor. I don't have enough stuff to justify my own sale, but enough that it's becoming a presence in my basement, and I really don't use the stuff anymore.

Likewise, I FINALLY (I have no idea what held me back, really) got rid of two large cardboard boxes, one filled with the biodegradable packing peanuts, that had been living in my garage for almost three years. The cardboard got flattened and we dropped it at the recycling center on our way down to Denver yesterday.

I also:
1. Washed my carmats (eww, how can they get so gross?)

2. Weed wacked the edges of my yard (at least the bindweed gives the illusion of a green yard)

3. Washed spider webs off the side of the house

4. Washed off a few large rocks that Mr W will paint to decorate the new mulched treelawn (the soil is finally dry enough to work this morning, so - yippee!)

5. Beat back the pumpkin vine, which is threatening to take over the entire alley

It seems this sort of productivity comes in bursts for me, but I'm glad that stuff got done.

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