Friday, May 3, 2013

Magical pictures

When I started working with my construction person D, he told me upfront that they wouldn't be able to start until June, and I said that was fine (because he came so highly recommended). We've traded a few emails back and forth during that time, but I hadn't heard anything from him since the beginning of April, so I emailed a couple of days ago to ask if we were still on schedule.

He said we are and that I should call the cabinet people and set up a time to go in to the showroom (!) and pick out cabinets. He says I should pick they style I like at this point and we can play with materials and finishes, but my mind is saying, "inexpensive, inexpensive - choose the cheapest ones!" I do like the clean lines of Mission/Craftsman style, so I'll probably go that way.

Here is a dreadfully dark picture of my cluttered kitchen. The counter extends to the left of the sink, over to the wall, but I have very little counter space. When the dishes are done (as they are here), they and the coffee pot take up all of the space to the right. I suspect the cabinets are original, as they are shallow and low. I might need to clean off the fridge surface one of these days, too. Maybe.

I post this slightly embarrassing picture of my kitchen as it is this morning to show you how the magic of technology can make a person think, "wow, that is really going to look great!!". Here is a drawing of the same view for the new kitchen.

Like magic, no? The picture really exaggerates the depth of the room, but I still like seeing this very much. I'm hoping to carve a little desk space on one side by not putting a cabinet under the counter, so we'll see what they think of that. This picture is a top view and you can see where the fridge will be.

Yep, it's not a big space, but this is a good layout and I'll double the counter space. Yea!