Friday, May 3, 2013

Magical pictures

When I started working with my construction person D, he told me upfront that they wouldn't be able to start until June, and I said that was fine (because he came so highly recommended). We've traded a few emails back and forth during that time, but I hadn't heard anything from him since the beginning of April, so I emailed a couple of days ago to ask if we were still on schedule.

He said we are and that I should call the cabinet people and set up a time to go in to the showroom (!) and pick out cabinets. He says I should pick they style I like at this point and we can play with materials and finishes, but my mind is saying, "inexpensive, inexpensive - choose the cheapest ones!" I do like the clean lines of Mission/Craftsman style, so I'll probably go that way.

Here is a dreadfully dark picture of my cluttered kitchen. The counter extends to the left of the sink, over to the wall, but I have very little counter space. When the dishes are done (as they are here), they and the coffee pot take up all of the space to the right. I suspect the cabinets are original, as they are shallow and low. I might need to clean off the fridge surface one of these days, too. Maybe.

I post this slightly embarrassing picture of my kitchen as it is this morning to show you how the magic of technology can make a person think, "wow, that is really going to look great!!". Here is a drawing of the same view for the new kitchen.

Like magic, no? The picture really exaggerates the depth of the room, but I still like seeing this very much. I'm hoping to carve a little desk space on one side by not putting a cabinet under the counter, so we'll see what they think of that. This picture is a top view and you can see where the fridge will be.

Yep, it's not a big space, but this is a good layout and I'll double the counter space. Yea!


  1. And the excitement begins! Don't forget, a "small" kitchen is very often a very efficient kitchen. When we did our kitchen remodeling, that's something I wanted to keep. Okay, not only was my previous kitchen small, but (like yours) I didn't have enough counter space and very little space for storage of necessary, everyday things. So when designing the new layout, I was very careful to keep the efficiency of working in what many would call a small space. I.e., stove, refrigerator, sink and work counter all within a couple of steps . . . literally. So although you say it's still never going to be a big space, your efficient layout and doubling of counter space sounds GREAT!

  2. Nononono on the cheap cabinets! This you will regret! Most showrooms price their cabinets by the linear foot so you can compare easily. Eleven years ago when I did my total kitchen remodel I chose a mid-range for price in solid wood. Decent cabinets are available in a reasonable price range but the sky is the limit when you start talking details, fancy hardware, and rarer woods. Btw, your plan looks great!


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