Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Has it been that long?

Greetings! Everything is fine here, just busy. Really busy. The kind of busy that makes a person assess perhaps the things they can let go, and I haven't found anything I want to give up. I think too that it has something to do with the fact that I've traveled several days each month for the last few months. I am traveling for work at the moment.

It takes a few days to get ready, and a few days to catch up after each trip, so I'm guessing that's why I feel like nothing is getting done yet I am so busy.

I'm also moving ahead with the kitchen remodel, although it hasn't gotten very far. The cabinet person (cabinets are the first step) came to the house to remeasure the kitchen for the cabinets (just to be sure) and found the space is 4" narrower than he was led to believe. Whoops, so we're on our third set of drawings and I think I've got a design that will work and that I like. The last one had two blind corners with little cabinet doors, and we reconfigured one so there will be a lazy susan in one corner.

I've been looking at a lot of glass tile samples for my backsplash. Here are a couple of fun ones. The top one is too expensive, but I think it's lovely.

And counter top samples. This is my narrowed down list from one place, and I have to visit another place that has counters, floors and tile for backsplashes. 

The wood I picked for the cabinets is shown (maple with a light colored finish). Simple and light. I thought I wanted a dark countertop, and now I think I need to pick a package: floor, counter and backsplash, so it all goes together. I need to see them all together somehow, too. That is something I knew would be difficult - it's hard for me to visualize what little samples look like scaled up. 

Anyway, I hope to post a little more often. Mr W had a good last quarter of school and got to have a week off, as the camp I signed him up for last week got canceled. He did not mind sitting around the house, but is at camp this week. 

I'm trying not to forget to enjoy the ride. 


  1. There you are! I was going to send out a search party... :) It's amazing how much is involved in a kitchen redo. I love that first tile sample - I am starting to look at tile for my guest bathroom finish (only took 5 years). I like the colors. Your 'new' kitchen is going to be amazing.

  2. Whoa, the second backsplash (browns with wavy lines) I think would be a little much for me first thing in the morning. It makes me a kinda dizzy/woozy!

    Yep, it is important (and also difficult) to coordinate your backsplash, counter tops and flooring. Watch out for too dark a color in counter tops because it will show more dust than you would ever believe could be in a kitchen.

    Really like the blue tone samples you've picked out. They would look good with your cabinets. Eager to see your remodeling as it progresses.


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