Friday, June 14, 2013

Just a little out of my comfort zone

So I'm traveling for work, attending a conference. I wanted to note that it's worth the risk. It's worth approaching people and trying to strike up conversations. It works to say, "So, what do you work on?" People like to answer this question.

I wasn't going to go out to the pub tonight with other attendees and I'm so glad I did. Nothing particularly exciting happened, but I had fun. Around me at the table was a woman from Colombia, one from Costa Rica, two guys from China and a woman from Kenya. We talked about mundane stuff like small town America, but also talked about their experiences here.

Did you know that in Costa Rica, they usually have about a 12-12 light-dark cycle because of the proximity to the equator? It always gets dark around 6 ish. Freaky. I'm in the western part of the Eastern time zone, so it was just getting dark around 9:45. She was amazed.

It's good to meet folks from other places, it makes the world a little smaller, in a good way.

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  1. What a great opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultural experiences without leaving the USA! I, too, have problems approaching groups of strangers. But it is always worth the risk.


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