Monday, June 17, 2013

30 years

My 30 year high school reunion was this past weekend. I couldn't attend because I was traveling for work, and it would have required a trip to Ohio. I sure was tempted, though, and wish I could have made it. I went to a Catholic girls' school, and our class had about 150 people. From the pictures, about 30 people made it to the official event, and then out for the purely social outing to a local eatery the following night.

I think Facebook has a little to do with it. It's been a fun (and easy) way to keep up with people. I am (despite my kvetching about not having found my prince charming) in a good spot in life where I feel like I've got a good social circle and am blessed with a healthy kid, a good job and even my goofy dog. It is no doubt easier to show up for a reunion when you feel like you've turned out alright.

We also lost several classmates in the last year, and I imagine that motivated a few people to attend. A couple of accidental deaths in the mix: house fire, a car accident. It's the stuff that makes you count your blessings.

I'm lucky to be near a couple of classmates who live in Denver and married brothers. We had our own little mini-reunion a week or so ago.

We reminisced a bit, but mostly talked about our kids and families. It's a cool and valued thing to have known people for so long. 

You may have noticed that I cut my hair. *sigh* I'm not thrilled. It looks fine, but it's fussier than I wanted it to be. I suppose when you want it to fight gravity and have it sweep to the side instead of fall into your face some fiddling is required. I'm not exactly counting the days until it's long enough to put into a ponytail, but I won't be maintaining the cut. Did I get exactly what I asked for and what the picture showed? Yes, absolutely. But I just don't like it as much as I thought I would. Boo-hoo. Time will solve this one. 


  1. Your new haircut (looks good to me!) and your reaction to it reminds me of a time years ago when I took a picture of a new haircut I wanted to the gal who had cut my hair for years.

    "I want to look like this," I said handing her the picture.

    "Well," she replied after studying the picture for a few seconds. "First we'll have to get you a nose job, then change the shape of your jaw, then . . . " :o}

  2. The nice thing about a disappointing hair cut is -- that it grows! I, took, think it looks great. I always envision hair styles on my head that would look great - if I was someone else. It's nice to have lasting friendships and worth the effort to keep them going. I was tempted to go to my high school reunion last year and spent hours working out the logistics, only to realize that I had hated high school and had no friends from those four hellish years that I wanted to see again.


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