Sunday, June 30, 2013

We have a winner. For the moment.

Well, the vast array of choices has been kind of daunting, but I think I found a way to make the two things I really liked go together.

This is the backsplash tile I like. It's $35 a sheet, so I will be cutting each sheet into three strips, which makes it a better deal:

It was/is really important to me (for some reason) to not get locked into one color for the walls, and I wanted tile that gave me that flexibility. I'm a blue-green nut, so this tile gives me the choice of those two, plus olive green, or khaki for the walls. Or white, but that's not really an option :-) This picture is oriented so I'd cut the tile into strips vertically, and then could orient them one of two ways, so I've got 6 different strips. 

OK, then I loved this countertop, Waterford by Cambria. The blue flecks are bluer than the blues in the tile, though. I blew it up XL so maybe the flecks will show. These pictures never do justice to the real thing. 

So my solution to bring these together is to get sheets of this:

I ordered samples of about six different shades that are close to this, and will pick the one that goes with the blue flecks in the countertop. It should go with other glass tile (hopefully). I'll then use this as a 1"border (i.e. cut a sheet into 12" strips) applied to the top and bottom of the 4" x 12" piece of the multicolored glass tile. The rest will be (much cheaper) white ceramic subway tile.

That's the plan, anyway. If I wait too long to order, I'll start considering other options, so once I've got the light blue tile picked out, I should just commit and order the glass tile and counters. 

Another thing that was important for me was to make the shapes of the tile easy to work with, because I haven't done a lot of tile setting and didn't want to have to rent a saw to get it done. I think I'll be able to cut any pieces by hand. Carefully. 

In other news, yesterday was my birthday, and I had kind of a trying morning continuing to remove paint from my front porch so that I may repaint it, BUT, had a fabulous rest-of-day. Went out to dinner with friend D, who is also remodeling, and we talked about cabinets, flooring etc. Then I went to an outdoor production of A Midsummer's Night Dream with some other friends and that was really fun. I feel blessed and grateful. 


  1. First off, very Happy (belated) Birthday wishes to you! Glad you got to do a couple of fun, special things. (Not that removing paint from your front porch isn't fun and special . . . ;o].)

    I LOVE the countertop you've picked out! When we were remodeling our kitchen, the most beautiful display kitchen I saw in a store had countertops just about that color. Can't wait to see how everything pulls together.

    1. Thanks, Mama Pea! The porch is drudgery, but I can finally see progress.

      I got the larger samples (1 foot square) of the counter tops and they are really pretty. I'm happy with my choice. :-)

  2. What? When was your birthday??? Happy Belated, Belated Birthday Linda!! I really like your choices. I was wondering how you were going to cut the first tile choice into thirds? I am anxious to hear how you like it, because I am starting to look for tile for my guest bath.

    1. I tried to answer this on my phone today at work and it ate my comment. :-|

      Thanks for the well wishes!

      If you look at the multicolored sheet of tile, it can be cut vertically in this orientation into three 4" x 12" strips and it'll have straight lines. Only click on this link if you've got some time (I warned you)


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