Friday, December 5, 2008


I was talking with CB last night and he asked how my holiday knitting was going. I sighed and indicated that it’s become a bit of a slog. I feel like there’s a good chance I won’t make it, meaning I’m not going to finish everything I want to in time to get it to where it needs to go by Christmas.

It’s not a big list, nor are they difficult projects. But I think therein lies my problem. I was looking at some knitting blogs today. Yes, I was at work, but waiting for the computer to process files (like I’m doing now). And these projects were lovely – lots of texture, variegated yarn, really delightful.

And then the scales fell from my eyes. In my attempts to make gifts that people would like, I think I have dummied down the project to the extent that I don’t find them all that interesting anymore. Of course likable doesn’t have to be boring, and I will henceforth start planning the next thing. It’s going to be something for… me. Something like that scarf.


  1. I WANT IT! What kind of yarn is that? Is this a pic you found online somewhere? Or is it one of yours? If you know what kind of yarn it is, pls send me an e-mail. I have been wanting something like this for a clapotis after I am done with the other stuff I am working on!

  2. Shanna,
    It's the "Drop Stitch Scarf" and it's on Ravelry:

    They have the yarn listed there. I have not bought it, but I really like that kind of yarn. Best of luck tracking it down.


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