Sunday, April 12, 2009


For some reason, I've been thinking about Easter this year. Not so much the "Christ has risen from the dead" aspect of it, but more so the rituals my family observed when I was growing up. Maybe it's because I have not marked it in any way? I also have had a hankering for a ham sandwich, which tells me I miss the ritual vs. the message.

But it also strikes me that the way I celebrate holidays has changed since the divorce. I don't put a lot of effort into the big holiday extravaganza because it's just me and Mr W, and half the time he's at his dad's house.

Growing up, my mom would hide our Easter baskets around the house and I'm still impressed at how she found good hiding places for years. We always used the Paas dye kits, and to this day, the smell of cider vinegar reminds me of Easter. Like most of my friends, we'd be eating egg salad sandwiches for a week afterwards. We'd get dressed up, take the obligatory family picture, and go to church. Then we'd either have relatives over, or go to someone's house for the afternoon.

I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic. I'll get my ham sandwich craving satisfied today or tomorrow, and continue to think about springy things.

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  1. Although John and I have not talked very much about your Mom, I know she was very special to him too. Thanks for sharing...


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