Friday, June 15, 2012

New Bracelet

Sorry I've been absent. This fire thing's been a drag on everyone's reserves. Here's a new bracelet I've got up at the shop.

I call it Soft Shimmer. There's a little bird cage charm on this one. 


  1. What a lovely bracelet! I've been enjoying going through your Etsy shop and with birthdays coming up...=)

    Glad you and your family are still doing okay; keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way and the fires are under control soon.

  2. Being in that close proximity to the fire must be a strain on everyone's nerves. That is a lovely bracelet! I love the one I have and wear it often (and get lots of compliments...)

    1. Yes, there's a fatigue about the town, but people are organizing, so that makes everyone feel better.

      I'm so glad you like the bracelet!!


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