Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Post vacation post - 1

I mentioned yesterday that visiting with my wonderful family usually causes me to be introspective about my life and examining whether there are things I could change. This is going to take more than one post...

The first thing I have noticed is that I have become a unit unto myself. It used to be that it would be me and my ex at these gatherings, then my brothers and their wives (and my sister and her husband, when she was with us). And we were units, couples. While I don't feel uncomfortable being with them at all, it is clear that it's just me. It made me aware again of how there is no one to discuss options with (whether that's a good or bad thing depends on the situation, I think!) I don't know if I've lost that give and take aspect of dealing with people, it's something I'm thinking about.

It's funny, that give and take of everyday life doesn't happen with me at the moment, and being around the fam made me realize this. What happens instead is that the problem/issue rolls around in my head for a long time, while I gather data to make my decision. I really am like that, evidence-based. I of course have people I can talk to. I feel like I'm making friends at a good rate and while I do need to get out more, I feel like that's something I can control. But with decisions, it takes more time because it's just me making the call. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just different than how it used to be.


  1. This is interesting to me since I've been doing some serious thinking lately about changes I could/should make in my life. (No, I am NOT going to divorce my husband and enter a nunnery!)

    Don't discredit the fact that you are you whether you are single or part of a couple, and your family wouldn't trade you for anything!

  2. The occasional serious thinking is a good thing, IMO. Asking ourselves what we want, and want to be like, is important.


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