Thursday, July 18, 2013

This and that

Tis the season for rainbows. We get just a touch monsoonal here in CO in July and August. A bit more humid, and a pretty good chance of rain or gusty cloudy stuff in the afternoon. This one is out my back door. 

Not much new to report on the kitchen remodel front. Apparently a lot of people are getting their houses updated, and I'm still waiting on the cabinets to come in. I'm also waiting back (tomorrow it will be a month, which I think is absurd) to hear about the estimate for the countertops. I don't know what the hold up would be there, as they've got the drawings and all. I haven't changed my mind again, but did ask them to give me an estimate for laminate while they were at it. 

I visited one appliance store in town, thinking I'd just pick out a gas range and dishwasher, and couldn't. I left, saying "I don't know enough to make a decision". So I was able to get a one month (it will renew automatically if I don't cancel - just like the dating site!) subscription to Consumer Reports, and checked out stoves and dishwashers there. Their favorite dishwashers are around $1000, so I'm going to have to go with a less favorite one there. It'll be nice to have one for when I cook something big. I haven't had a dishwasher for the 8 years I've lived here, so it will be a treat. If it didn't add value to the kitchen, I probably wouldn't, but I'm glad I get to have one. Also looking forward to having a real stove hood that vents outside. 

I'm finally starting to sleep better. Mr W was away and camp and it exacerbated the fact that I had not been sleeping well for several weeks, perhaps the lead up to said camp. I wasn't sure why, but I had this undercurrent of anxiety about having him go away to camp for a week, even though he and I had visited, and I was OK with everything about the camp. I psychoanalyzed myself about it, and discovered it symbolized the start of him eventually growing up and leaving. Isn't that the pisser about good parenting? If you do it right, you raise a person you love to be with, and they are supposed to leave. *sigh*. 

He had a good time, btw. I wonder how much I talked about all the ins and outs the time I went off to summer camp around 6th grade. I've gotten some highlights, but will have to ask more questions if I want to know more.

I hope to post a little more regularly, and if you are one of the folks who reads these sporadic posts, I appreciate it. :-)

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  1. I love that - raising a person you love to be with! What a lovely definition of parenting! You are doing such a good job. Would love to see a rainbow here, but first we'd have to have rain. I think the waiting part - for estimates, cabinets, work to start, etc., would drive me to drink.


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