Friday, December 27, 2013

Farewell, trusty Honda Civic

Today's the day (finally!) that the tow truck is coming to haul away my Honda Civic. The paperwork has been completed, the title has been transferred and the car is being donated to my local public radio station. I bought a Prius C in April and the Civic's been on the street waiting for someone to do something with it.

I said goodbye this morning. It seemed fitting, as it provided me with 18 years of reliable service. For all the times I thought something could go wrong, or smelled someone else's burning engine smell and it turned out everything was fine, it was an all around great car.

She needs a little sprucing up and for her engine to run for a while to get the cobwebs out, but will provide hopefully a few more years of reliable service for someone who needs basic transportation.

The Civic was the first new car I ever bought, and I got it when we lived in Toledo, in 1995. The tail lights, reverse lights and the little light that illuminates the license plate never needed replacing. They never went out. I replaced one headlight once. The blinkers have always worked. The doors close solidly. The rear defroster has always worked. The after-market cruise control has always worked.

Truly, they don't make inexpensive compact cars like that anymore. My mechanic said once that someone who knows what they're doing could keep a car like that going for a long time. That's good to hear and I hope someone does.

Godspeed, little Civic.


  1. It's really difficult to part with them, isn't it? I teared up when my Ford Focus went down the road. But it's a great feeling to know that your trusty sidekick will go on to enhance someone else's life.

  2. Ah, yes, a lovely ode to a faithful car. We're having to face the fact that there's not much more we're going to be able to do to hold my beloved 27 year old Toyota Tercel together much long. Sob! People stop me in town (some I don't even know) and say, "I can't believe you're still driving that car!" Yup, I am. As long as I can.


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