Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eleven minutes

That's how long I am waiting for Mr W's ipod (my ipod, really) to charge before we can go for our run today.

In a comedy of errors, I texted Mr W's dad this morning, asking if he could drop off (or I would pick up) my ipod from his house, which Mr W forgot when he came over yesterday. His dad said he would drop it off at my house today at 4. Great.

I get home at 4:45 and no ipod has been dropped off. I text his dad and after several confusing texts determine that we must go to Mr W's dad's house (15 minute drive) to get the ipod.

We get in the car, get the ipod. Is it charged? No, no it's not. Thus we are waiting a few minutes (six now) so it has a minimum charge so he has something to listen to while we do our run.

Oh, LindaCO, you say, I didn't know you ran for exercise. Yep, me and the kid started a "couch to 5K" program eight weeks ago. We are in the final week this week. I have really liked it, and will probably talk more about it, but it has been a really good way to start to run. I had the idea that we should do this so Mr W would be ready for Cross Country (Is that capitalized? I never know) in the fall. However, I have been the one (I guess this is not a surprise) who has driven this thing.

He has said how he wants to get better at running. Wants to make it his "thing". Alright.

As an aside, it has been a surprise how much more comfortable the right gear is. Decent shorts, a wicking top, jog bra, thin socks - no cotton at all - does make a difference.

OK, time to hit it.


  1. What a great thing - running with your son. And that reminds me - I need to FIND my iPod. You are so right, vis a vis the right gear. I was 'power' walking in my old trainers and noticed some pains where there hadn't been any. Got a new pair and the pain went away. At least the new ones went away...

  2. So, so good to see you posting again! Running with your son is fantastic. Gets both of you out, right? A couple/few years ago my daughter and I started walking, then running together. Then we started trail running which I really loved. But alas and alack, things changed (life!) and we stopped. But I have such fond memories of that time. Maybe we could try doing it again soon . . . hmmmmm.


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