Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sister Kris

So, it might seem a little odd that I refer to my sister as Sister Kris, as she is most certainly not a nun. However, our family is besieged by people named Kris. My dad's S.O. is Chris, and my sweetie is also named Chris (heretofore known as CB). With three Ch/Kris's floating around, it's hard to keep it all straight sometimes. Thus, my sister is Sister Kris. I also get called Sister Linda because there's another Linda on my brother's wife's side.

Anyway, birthday wishes. She is 45 today. My parents had three kids in 3.5 years and I haven't come close to comprehending what was involved in having three kids under the age of three. I don't think I ever will. Just having Mr. W (as he shall be known) was PLENTY of work. It's funny, we three oldest ones, (Ron is 6 years younger than me) didn't get along especially well, I think because we were so close in age. However, nowadays, we are very close. Something happened when we all hit our late 20's that made us realize we did indeed like each other.

I called her twice today, and just spoke briefly with her each time. She's so tired lately. I called at about 10 am her time and woke her up (oops). She was trying to rest before some friends came over with food and drink for her birthday. And then when I called later, she was wiped out from having them over and whooping it up (a relative term these days). She said her stomach hurt, and she was trying to rest to get rid of it.

She also said the doctors moved up the date of her scan to two days from now, because she's having a significant amount of pain. That can't be good, but she/we need to know. I was telling CB tonight that I'd want to know a timeline at this point. I'd need to know. But I also recognize that not everyone does. I really hope they can manage her pain adequately.

I did send card, it didn't get there yet, but probably tomorrow. It was from some original photos that were made into note cards that I bought. The one I chose had a nice little waterfall on it, and I thought that appropriate, given how time flows, and things are never the same for very long.

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