Friday, January 18, 2008

I've been bitten

I had the swell idea a couple of months ago to make CB a pair of socks for a Christmas gift. My friend, laguera has been my inspiration and mentor on the whole knitting thing. Heretofore, I could do scarfs, and I had made a couple of pairs of mittens. But she assured me that I could do this, so I began. I didn't count, but I must have ripped out the beginning (just the ribbing on the very first part!) a dozen times. I was in the process of giving the project one more chance when it took and I got going. The socks turned out pretty good (for a first project).

I moved on to a baby hat (that seems to be a pretty common progression of projects). One should always know how to do a cool (and easy) baby hat. I made a jaunty little three pointed number for a dear friend that had her first baby at 40. I liked how it turned out, and at this point, it is appealing see rapid progress through using thick yarn, so that's what I like at the moment.
For the next one, I'm thinking sweater for me. Everything else so far has been made to give away.

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