Thursday, February 19, 2009

And this is what a headrest is for

Let's see, today's Thursday. On Tuesday, I was sitting in my car with Mr W, waiting for his dad to come out to take him home for the rest of a sick day. As we sat there, I pointed out this old pick up truck. You know, the one's with the huge curved front end. I told him, 'look how there's no headrest. In those days, if you were hit, you could get whiplash from the impact. That's why we have headrests in cars made these days.'

Fast forward to the very next day. I'm coming home from a PT appointment for my hip. It's going great - really helping, btw. I'm stopped at a red light and a truck (not an old truck, but a Durango) bumps me from behind. I'm OK, although I'll let the PT'ist know tomorrow when I go in to see if she sees anything.

Turns out, the car that hit me was itself hit from behind and pushed into me. They seemed OK too, but they had this spindly ski rack on the back of their truck that made a real mess of the third car. No damage to my car, although I could read their license plate on my bumper (I think it was a dirt transfer, their bumper was very dirty).

I got out of my car after it happened, and only at that point did I realize that the back of my head felt like it had hit the headrest. It must have happened so fast that I didn't really remember it. Thanks, headrests!!

Stuff happens that fast sometimes. I'm glad it wasn't worse. I was also glad I had my registration and proof of insurance handy. It was good to be caught doing everything right, you know?

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  1. I love your blog, a lot of common sense thought is here. Unusual for a PhD! Glad you did not suffer any ill effects from the crash. I was passenger once in a car (way back before we even used seat belts), we hit a car that had run a red light. Looking inside the car where I had been riding there were 2 pretty good sized dents on the metal glove box just in front of the passenger seat. We figured out later it must have been from where my knees hit on impact. I never knew or felt it!


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