Friday, February 6, 2009

Let's Learn About Verbs!

Since I don't have cable, I usually pick up a few videos for Mr W to watch when he's at my house. It's been an interesting evolution from babyish stuff on out to more boy stuff. He had a Thomas the Tank Engine thing for years, and I can remember going to the library, looking for Thomas videos and being very disappointed when there weren't any. Of course, now when I go, there are 10 of them on the shelf. So it goes.

The videos are divided up into fiction and non-fiction, and the non-fictions ones alternately make me roll my eyes or just giggle. Sure, there are the stranger danger ones, and the potty training ones, but there are also ones that I can't imagine any kid sitting down to watch. Parts of speech? Come on! Hygiene? Can't parents handle that one?

Of course there are some that I wouldn't mind Mr W watching, like the stuff on science topics. He likes Cyberchase, from PBS, and anything Lego, robot, or super hero related. Such a little boy.

I like our library a lot. The community passed a tax increase for them a couple of years ago and I think they do a good job of being a repository of information for us.

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