Sunday, May 10, 2009

"All my training led me to this one moment"

OK, it wasn't that dramatic, but last Friday I met with someone from our local community college about getting an adjunct position there to teach one course for fall semester. Even though I'm one of several people teaching just one class, and the poor guy probably has to go through the process of finding adjuncts every semester, I felt like they were pleased to have me.

I like my job. I love being able to have the flexibility and autonomy that I have, so it's not like I'm itching to get out from under anything. But I have friends and family who are educators and there is an allure about the profession that's undeniable. I mean, wouldn't it be great to get impressionable young minds jazzed about biology? Give them the foundations to be scientifically literate? Bridge the gap between the information gained from research and the knowledge held by the average nonscientist?

So, yeah, I think it would be cool to do it as a regular job someday and this is the first step. Turns out having a Ph.D. helps with where you start in pay, so that's good. It's going to present challenges with getting everything else done, but as I told CB "it's only 15 weeks". He was his usual supportive self.

In other news, it's Mother's Day. Mr W asked me yesterday if I'd take him to the store so he could get me some flowers. Awww, how sweet! Even if I have to pay for them, it's OK. I think this is the first year he's been aware of how Mother's Day works. I think I do a pretty good job of keeping my expectations low, so however it goes is OK. We'll go to the nursery and he can pick out some annuals for the garden.

We'll also go to see my former MIL, who unfortunately is at a rehab place for her shoulder as they make arrangements to move her permanently to an assisted living facility. She's understandably disappointed at having to give up yet more independence. This is the woman who years ago, when she learned that my x had made a large slingshot out of surgical tubing and canvas, happily served as the holder of the pouch, which contained a potato. We went to the dam at the reservoir and she locked the wheels to her wheelchair and we launched potatoes into the reservoir until the bag was empty. An adventurous spirit contained in a failing body.

Anyway, we'll do our Mom Day stuff, and then maybe make some cookies. It's shaping up to be a good day.


  1. Sounds good. I think you'll really like teachering and will be good at it as well. Happy Mother's Day! I hope you had a nice day. Lori's parents and grandma are here for the next few days. Things have been going smoothly. They rented a car which was better than trying to fit everyone into one of ours. Good story abou the slingshot. It seems she has lived more independently than most people ever will -RTK

  2. I like how Lor's folks come and see you guys frequently. And good for her grandma! What a trooper. Hope all the moms present at your house had a good day as well.

    We need to catch up one of these days. Have I asked about your summer travel? I know J and M are all over the globe, but can't remember what your plans are.

  3. Yes very jealous regarding J & M globe trotting inc. One of these days the bullet will be bitten and we will just say we're go'in.

    We have just started talking about summer that summer it here! Lor's parents and Gma made it back and they had a really good time. Did I mention we went strawberry picking? It was on the hot side but nice. I came back and made jam. I made conventional and freezer. Haven't quite got the freezer (which is way...and I mean way easier)jam right yet - need more pectin or less water or more berries. It is always sobering to see how much sugar is 4 cups! The other turned out well and they were able to take some back with them.
    Have you ever listened to the What I missed in history pod cast? It's a good. Wish there were a few more. What are you listening to pod cast wise - RTK

  4. Hey R - I listen regularly to all of the stuff I put in my May 5 blog post. I went to iTunes and searched science, knitting, culture, that kind of stuff. It's great for lab work. I do listen to "Stuff you missed in history class" too - good stuff.

    Jam? That is awesome. No one grows strawberries around here. A few places to get raspberries, but that's it. I planted strawberries in my alley-side garden, but am having second thoughts about how clean that soil is, so am going to move them (or the runners) to a new raised bed I'm making.

    Say hey to L and the girls for me - Z's "Flat Zach" was a big hit with his teacher. Thanks again, and let us know if we can return the favor. If A and K want to send flat kids our way, we'll take 'em downtown and show 'em a good time.


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