Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ready Set Go

It's undeniable. Summer is pretty much here, and it doesn't feel much different from the rest of the year. Someone should do something about this.

Mr W is signed up for 9 weeks of summer camp at the same place that he's gone to for the last couple of years. He's a C camper now - getting to be a big kid. We'll try yet again to get him to make progress in learning how to swim. They've got a heated pool and swimming lessons are part of the package. He's gone through one level a summer, a rate that is probably unmatched for its slow pace. I'm hoping this year will be the breakthrough year when I can finally feel like he could save himself if he got pushed into a pool.

I also signed the kid up for a week of Lego robotics camp, which a friend's kid is also attending, as well as a month of karate twice a week, a one day BMX bike how-to clinic, and a hip hop dance class after karate is over. It sounds like a lot, but I think he'll enjoy it.

The extra stuff is my attempt to find him his "thing". The thing he does outside of school and the video games that he'd do all the time and exclusively if given the chance. The way I see it, he's got all this potential, and there's so much to learn and see and do, I feel like it's to everyone's benefit to broaden his horizons a bit.

As for me, I'll be trying to get ahead in terms of getting lectures ready for teaching the biology class in the fall. My boss has made murmurings about doing fieldwork this summer, but so far he's been too busy to actually plan it, so I'd say the chances are 50:50 at this point that that project will get underway.

I've also got my garden that is mostly planted, except for buying some dirt to make a raised bed. Then there's the landscaping and patio installation. So there are unfinished projects, but I went ahead and bought the big expensive umbrella, so I'll have good shade when it gets searingly hot outside. Nicer patio furniture might have to wait until the end of the season sales.

I talked to my older brother yesterday, and he said they were thinking of coming through town on their way out to the west coast of Canada for a conference. I'm all excited now, and hope we can coordinate it. I'm also thinking of trying to do a short trip with Mr W and the dog. It's not like I'm not traveling at all. I leave tomorrow for 4 days in AZ, and am going to a conference for work a couple of weeks after that. I'd love to see family, though, and also would like to go someplace with CB for fun. Maybe all that can be rolled into one trip, we'll see.


  1. I guess I have not visited your blog lately, that is great news about the biology class this fall! Congratulations!!! Two Kothera teachers, that is amazing!

  2. Yeah! I'm excited, but a little nervous about fitting it all in. I have plenty of time over the summer to get ready, and they do go straight from the book, so there's no excuse not to work ahead a bit.


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