Monday, December 28, 2009

New (to me) Blog

I found a new blog on Science Blogs the other day. It's called Casaubon's Book, written by Sharon Astyk. She's homesteading, but was (and was?) trained as a scientist and writer. A fresh perspective on some of the environmental issues I've been pondering lately. I like her description that she and her husband decided to live "using a fair share of the world's resources".

I've also updated my blogroll with some new things I've found lately. Local food and crafting movement sites, as well as a very nice introduction to the science of evolution.


  1. I've read about this blog in some other places, and have read it a few times. Here's a really weird thing: I went to a potluck last night, of the Capital District Permaculture network, a group of sustainability peeps in downtown Albany. I ended up sitting next to a lady who's an author, but was a bit burned out from authoring, and thinking of getting back into more farming. She was investigating sustainable sources of income. I thought that was great (since that's where I am too). Oh yes, she owns goats. We started to talk a bit, but the meeting started, and she ended up leaving before the meeting ended, and before I got any more info than her first name. There were 2 people named Sharon there, and the OTHER one sent an email to the list this morning - so I googled her to see if it was her, found an event she talked at, where the FIRST Sharon also talked - I followed the link and found out that the lady I sat next to and was talking to last night is the author of the Causobon's Book blog. Amazing set of coincidences and small world!

  2. Wow, that is an amazing coincidence! Yes, she's pretty prolific on her blog - long posts. I like her writing.

    There is a group in town here that meets monthly that I want to check out, called the Northern Colorado Food Incubator. The buy local movement is doing pretty well here, it makes me want to be a fruit farmer! Too bad I'm in the wrong part of the country.


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