Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An F.O.

Well, it's really an A.F.O., an Almost Finished Object in knitspeak. This is my Liesl, and I need to block it yet. And of course, weave in all those ends. This has been a quick, easy and satisfying project, and I will likely make another one at some point. The only downside is that I think I may have made this one a little too small. I was one stitch over gauge (14 stitches per 4", versus 13), and thought that would let me make the smaller size. The lace is supposed to relax when it's blocked (where I will soak it in warm water with special no-rinse soap and pin on a foam board to size), so those arms might fit me, but if not, I'll give it away.

In other news, I'm back on It's not as big of a deal this time, as I'm certain that I have a match out there, he just might not be on So, I've lurked and looked, and seen that B has already posted his profile (about the same time I posted mine, no hard feelings). Stay tuned, but there's one thing I'll say. I've got NO interest in having coffee with someone who is "Currently Separated". Doesn't that mean one is still married? Yikes.


  1. Purdy sweater! I hope you end up keeping it.

    "Currently Separated?" Seems like extreme personal stoopidity to go looking for a new relationship before you've had the personal responsibility to work through the old one.

  2. New York state did not have no fault divorces until just recently. So couples had to be separated for a year before they could claim abandonment and get divorced. I did date someone last year who had been separated for 9 years. When he explained why he hadn't gotten divorced yet (health insurance for their daughter), and I got a feel for how well he gets along with his almost-ex wife - I had no problem dating him. It didn't stick for other reasons.

    Still - remembering how long it took me before I was "right in the head" after my divorce, I ask some pretty pointed questions when a separated person contacts me. Most of them do seem to still be emotionally tied up in their marriage (as I was for a long time) and I refuse to meet most of them. Sometimes I wanna shake them and say, "figure out what went wrong with your last relationship before you try and start a new one!"

  3. BTW - I got the book and am halfway through it. it's a good one! I like that attitude!


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