Saturday, October 13, 2012

I, the insured

OK, so the picture has nothing to do with this post, but it's sure a pretty color. This is one of the few that I grew from seed that flowered and did pretty well. It's still hard to believe that a little seed can produce something with such vibrant color. Most of the garden plants got whacked with the cold temps lately. Carrots and parsnips are still in the ground and I'll harvest those probably in a week or so. Despite (or maybe because of) my neglect besides watering them, I got three big round happy pumpkins from the alley garden this year. We'll carve two and I'm looking for a home for the third. Yes, I'll take pictures. :-)

I got a call a few weeks ago from my insurance agent saying she'd like to review my policy with me in person one of these days and that she had an opening for today. I agreed, although I thought it would be an attempt for them to charge me more for something somehow. I dislike it when I'm that cynical.

But since I sold the van this week (godspeed Graycie, on your way to the great state of Maine where you shall live), I needed to get the insurance for that canceled anyway. It was a very pleasant experience and we ended up adjusting a couple of things and I feel like I've got good coverage. I got a rider to my homeowner's policy for a few dollars a year that covers me in case the jewelry I make is stolen from a craft show or out of my car. It was cheap enough that I thought that'd be a good idea.

I got the amount of coverage reduced on my trusty Honda, as having them insure it for its replacement cost is kind of silly on a 17 year old vehicle. If it's totaled, I'll go ahead and get a different car. And I have been thinking about it. Since it's just me, Mr W and the dog, and I don't do much driving in the mountains, I've got the flexibility to get a small, fuel efficient car. But not too small. I need four doors.

So the current contenders include the Prius C, which I've had my eye on for a few years now and am happy is finally available. It's not cheap, though, they are about $21K. Gulp. Also in contention is the Fort Fiesta. Not as good of gas mileage, (but great for a non-hybrid) but several thousand dollars cheaper. Could an objective person tell me that that several thousand dollars will buy me more reliability? If so, I'd go with the Prius.  I also like the Honda Fit, and have liked that for a while, too. It also doesn't get as good of gas mileage as the Prius (nothing will that isn't a hybrid, of course). The Honda is at least (if not a little more) reliable as a Prius, and the price is probably close. I'd consider a used regular-sized Prius, too. Mull, mull, mull.

My banjo instructor is hosting a jam tonight, and I'm excited to attend. I haven't been going to the Tuesday night jam because I haven't been practicing as much as I should. But I'm making an effort to practice more and it's time to go back, if for no other reason that it's is in itself practice. Ooohh, circular. 

OK, off to it. Hope you all have a good weekend.


  1. I've been mulling the eventual replacement of Lulabelle and have decided on a Honda CRV. Used, of course. My sister in CA has a Pious (my term) and any repairs are pricey. How nice that Graycie found a new home! I do stop to wonder how all that biomass is created by such a small start - especially my pumpkins! It is a wonderous thing. When is your solo banjo cd coming out? ;-)

    1. The CRV makes sense for people who need 4WD on occasion. I like that they are smallish. Yes, pumpkins amaze me with their capacity to grow. Sunflowers, too. No banjo CD - my goal is just to keep up!

  2. Look at used cars too. I got a great deal on my 2007 Prius which had only 55K miles. UUsed is better for 2 reasons: It is greener to buy used, and you don't loose 10% of the car's value once you drive them off the lot. Check out the Toyota Yaris too! Good luck!!

    1. Yes, there are a few used Prii out there, and I am considering them. Yaris is too small to easily transport a large dog. I need 4 doors. It's funny to have to consider the dog's needs. :-)

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    1. I forgot to thank you for this, Mike. I will check out the 5 door Yaris as well. Thanks.


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