Monday, December 17, 2012

One small New Year's resolution

I saw this idea and thought it would be right up my alley with regard to New Year's resolutions, which I don't tend to make. I'm put a jar, a stack of scrap paper, and a pen on my hutch and make the effort to write down when good things happen.

I'm not going to have too many rules on what qualifies, but want to have a jar full of stuff to look at at the end of next year. Sounds simple enough.

Things have been good here, busy like most everyone. I've rolled some kid essentials like boots, slippers and socks in Mr. W's Christmas present haul and I'm not ashamed to say that whatever arrives before Saturday (the day we'll do our Christmas) will be wrapped in festive paper and put under the tree.

He's getting one big gift from me this year, and a couple of small things. I wrapped this thing last night. I set the box that the gift came in into a larger box, and secured it with some styrofoam pieces that came as packaging for something else. Then I put four cans of black beans into the box, filled the rest with newspaper, and wrapped that. Ha! Now, to work on the scavenger hunt clues for him to find his gift. Yup, when the number of gifts is small, ya gotta make them work for it.

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  1. I've been thinking a lot lately about the need to concentrate on the good things in life so your suggestion of the jar with written notes inserted hit the nail on the head for me.

    Love the way you thought of wrapping your son's "big" gift. Kind of a disguise to make it interesting and fun. My daughter, on the other hand, does NOT like presents to be wrapped to "fool" the recipient. Huhn. We humans are strange, aren't we?

  2. Ah, another fiendish present hunt...I was subjected to them until adulthood. But I loved them! I love the cans of beans in the box. That should throw him! And I do like your small New Year's resolution.


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