Friday, January 25, 2013

My geeks and me

I classify myself as more of a nerd than a geek, but I'm geeky enough to want to participate in these pub quizzes that have recently come to one of the local breweries in town. Yesterday I finally got my chance, with two friends recruited from the group of board game people (themselves a veritable well of geekdom) that I play games with a couple of times a month.

I had a great time. We had to label parts in a frog dissection, and answer all manner of questions. I guess the questions for the week are the same for all the many locations where the quiz is held. We were almost the oldest table of people there, but that's OK. All the better to answer questions that aren't about current TV shows or pop music, although we do need to find a couple more people who might know some of that stuff.

Yea for doing new social stuff! I also had a vanilla porter beer - yum.

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  1. Socializing is important, isn't it?

    Vanilla porter beer? Hmmmm, doesn't sound bad . . .


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