Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evolution Conference - 1

I've attended the first set of morning sessions at the conference, and am grabbing a quick bite before getting a good seat for the session I'm really interested in: Ecological Genomics. This is a direction I'd like to pursue with my mosquito research, and with the wealth of genomic information out there, it's a doable goal.

The average conference presentation goes like this: the speaker is introduced, and they talk for about 12-13 minutes while showing PowerPoint slides, then leave a couple of minutes for questions and the installation of the next speaker.

It never ceases to amaze me how many speakers run over time. Today, it was about 1 in 4. I think that's a lot, especially given the fact that it's not a huge deal to rehearse a 13 minute talk several times to get it down.

Some interesting talks though. My least favorite part is having to choose between the 10 concurrent sessions because there's usually a couple of talks that I want to see that are at the same time and I have to choose.

OK, back to it.

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