Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scenic Minnesota and the Energizer Family

We had a good day of mosquito collecting this morning. Got lots of egg rafts and a few adults. I'm not sure why the traps yielded small numbers of adults, but we left the traps out to collect again tonight and hopefully will get some more. There were plenty of mosquitoes waiting for us (slap, slap, slap), but mostly of the wrong species. Wrong as in they are nuisance species that bite but aren't good vectors for West Nile virus.

As I write this in the kitchen of my brother and his wife's house, he's frying up trimmings from these huge rib eye steaks in order to make a pan sauce to serve with the grilled steaks. I'm energized by visits with my family, nourished, even. Wow, he just flambe'd the stuff in the pan - blogging and a light show - cool. Anyway, while I am quite satisfied with my life in CO, I get a lot out of visits with my siblings. I'm nourished intellectually and emotionally in ways that help me remember who I am and where I'm going in this life.

Oh, and my favorite quote from the flight out here: "Minneapolis? I'm going to St. Louis!" This from a man already seated on the plane. Here's my favorite part, (emphasis mine) "How could THEY let ME on the plane?" Um, how could you confuse the two cities?

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