Sunday, March 22, 2009

Geez, another parenting lesson

Mr W went on a field trip to our local science museum on Friday. He was really excited about this one toy in the gift shop, and since we were planning on going there Saturday for another event, we arranged for him to do some chores to earn the money to get the toy.

We got to the museum, and bought the toy, and he was so excited. It was a plastic dinosaur that transformed into a robot. Cool idea. The museum had Take Apart Day, where they bring in a bunch of old electronics and give the kids screwdrivers, wire cutters, etc. and let them go. It was really cool, and we took apart an old fax machine. They showed us where the motor was, and we took that out, hooked it up to a battery and made it go.

So Mr W is very happy with his new toy, and we head off to the library. He's pretty easy on his toys, and takes good care of his stuff. All of the sudden, he lets out this cry, and is holding the two pieces of his broken toy in his hands. He was really, really upset, demanding we go back to the museum and get his money back. Just crying with rage. I cycled though trying to be supportive and empathetic and then was sort of, "it's just a replaceable toy". Back and forth.

We finished our day, and of course he mentioned it first thing this morning. And, of course, the museum is closed until Tuesday. I told him we'd have to wait until then to get his money back. I thought that I could just give him the $8, but that it might mean more if we waited? I don't know. So he got out of bed, and I carried him to the living room. I just stood there, holding him for a few minutes, and then I said, "are you ready for me to put you down?" And to my surprise, he says, "yes, I think I'm over the dinosaur toy thing."

Wow, good job, Mr W.

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  1. Good job Ms. L! You seem to be doing a fabulous job parenting.


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