Friday, August 20, 2010

Here's your book back

I told the community college about a month ago that I wouldn't be able to teach again in this time around. It's with mixed feelings, as I really liked it. And while the money wasn't great by any means, the extra dough made it so I didn't have to watch each dollar as closely as I do now. I need to bring one of the text books back today, as well as the disks that go with the book. It's the least I can do.

It has me thinking, though, about this balance between work and life and what it is that makes us content. It's been a busy week, and for a lot of the summer, it seems like there's always something non-work related to get done during the day or after work. Something to have to squeeze in. Mr W started school this week, and aside from making sure he gets his homework done at the after-school care he goes to, his routine of when to get up and when to go to bed won't change too much.

But, as I was doing the dishes last night, I did have the happy thought that there weren't papers to grade, and I could sit down and knit for a bit with a glass of wine before I went to bed, and that made me smile. It feels good to be out from under the pressure of having a second job that has to be worked on in the evening.

The funny thing is, the whole situation is like a pendulum. If past events are any indication, I will do this for a bit, and then, feeling like something's missing - actually, I think it's because I'll feel like I'm not doing enough - I'll start something new. Then that will run its course and I'll swing back to wanting to not do anything extra.

My city has an outstanding recreation department, and there of course are several health clubs in town. I've been thinking, especially as the dog gets older and doesn't need hard running exercise at the dog park every day, that I should do some kind of group exercise a couple of times a week. Like a spin class or something. So that will probably be the next thing, although I do like this feeling of not being obligated for a little bit. But it won't last, and that's OK.

Edit: I should mention part of my being OK with backing off from teaching is that I'm having fun being with B. It's good to not have to work around a second job to find the time to be together. It's hard enough trying to coordinate the schedules of everyone involved sometimes...


  1. Wow. I admire the job you do of staying in touch with your feelings. A lesson I need to learn. I tend to put my head down and keep trudging in the rut when a lot of the time, making some kind of a change would be better for me. Thanks for the food for thought.

  2. Will you teach me how to knit this winter? I've always wanted to learn, and your stuff looks great!

  3. Thanks, Mama Pea.

    Claire - of course!

  4. Been unemployed since late April. Had a high school graduation and many classmates gifts to craft and take care of. Then we were into summer with the vacations, camps, college prep stuff and just some catching up stuff. Not as much catching up as I should have with ALL THAT EXTRA TIME!! but it's not really extra, is it?? It's just a bucket and you can put what you need to or want to in it...and sometimes I just try to put too much into my bucket. My husband is good at reminding me that '10 lbs won't fit in a 5 lb bucket, honey!' I don't always appreciate it, but sometimes he sees it better than I do! So now it is back to school time, off to college time and get a job time. How much work do I want or need to put into the bucket?? Where is the balance of handling and overdoing??
    You'll find yours and I'll find my, but I was finally knitting with some friends this week and it sure felt good!

  5. Karen Sue - I like the bucket analogy. So true. Best of luck finding work in these tough times. What knitting project are you working on?


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