Sunday, August 8, 2010

What summer's all about

B and I went tent camping this weekend somewhere around here, on the other side of Cameron Pass. Since he's got a four wheel drive SUV, we were able to go off and find a site outside of the regular campgrounds and in the Routte National Forest. I dubbed it Camp Fungus, as they've had a lot of rain lately and there were mushrooms popping up all over the place. I had meant to take some pictures of them but forgot. The above picture is a cool fallen tree we saw while hiking. I took the color out and think it looks cool.

And the flowers! I hardly ever forget to take pictures of flowers. The diversity was amazing, and we wrong-turned through a fen that was this cool grass and sedge and flower wetland. It looked like a very lightly used area, and it's always fun to feel like you're the first one in a while to see it.

We stayed for two nights at the campsite, and then broke camp and headed over to some state forest land to hike to Lake Agnes. The above picture is the mountain range that is close by, called the Crags (for obvious reasons). It's funny, x and I hiked this years ago, and I remembered it as a couple of miles in, and pretty steep. I had the last part right, but it's only 0.8 miles. I'm in better shape than I was then, but it's still hiking above 10,000' and I got winded often.

And finally, one picture of my camping companions. Sal's got her stylish yet functional Buzz Off kerchief. Not sure if it helped against the moderately active mosquitoes, but she sure looked cute in it. This was the first time that she camped and didn't have to be tethered. She was a dog gone wild the first night, ducking into camp, running off to the nearest stream, coming back to check on us, back to a muddy puddle. When we hiked Saturday, I only leashed her up when we saw a moose, which happened twice. Sunday, she didn't quite get why she had to be on the leash, but we worked it out. She's passed out from exhaustion as I write this - my job is done. The other one mugging for the camera is B, who cooked just about everything, and did the dishes as well. How cool is that? I had a good time.


  1. Sigh. I got married up that road 11 years ago. :) My mom's ex-husband's cabin (read luxurious mountain home) is on that turn-off.

    Looks like you had a blast!

  2. :-(

    Out by Gould? It was beautiful country, although we were the odd ones out getting around on foot instead of ATV.

  3. Yep, Gould. We would ride ATV's up toward the crags, too.

  4. It appears that you really had a great time, Linda. Nice!


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