Friday, December 2, 2011

Barely keeping up

I seem to add more and more interesting blogs to my reader. If I don't have time, I mark it to read later and try to get back to it to read it or let it go (a good skill to have, I'm finding). Of course, the new entries just keep coming. So I've decided to dump some links here in the blog to have a record for myself as much as anyone of stuff that I have found interesting and did get back to, or want to get back to.

Study on weight loss and aging (a life well-lived seems to matter)

Person joins a new bartering club

Latest Carl Zimmer post, on viruses

Geeky Christmas gifts

Geeky Christmas gift books for kids

Art from coffee lids and stirrers. I got to this, but it's worth sharing.

Ravens seem to communicate with gestures - a non-birdy thing to do

20 things you may not know about the periodic table

Science books for grownups

TED interview for this talk. A la "Dance your PhD"

Argentine ants. This blog has amazing photography.

Kids' interests are their own

Amazing study on how moss acts as old growth forest in recording environmental events

TED interview with Adam Savage (Mythbuster) on inspiring kids with science

Geeky games (more Christmas stuff)



  1. You've got one of those incredible minds that never stops, don't cha? ;o}

  2. One could just get sucked into the blog world and not come up for years! It's so amazing at the amount of information and number of interesting minds out there.

  3. Mama Pea - well, as Susan said, there's a lot of interesting stuff out there! I guess the trick is to be able to draw the line somewhere.


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