Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bargains that are not

This is a post about underwear. Nothing untoward will be said, but I'm going to talk about bra purchasing, so you've been warned.

I shop for bras rather infrequently. I find a style that works and wear it. And wear it. There comes a time, though, when things must be replaced, so I went down to the fancy "lifestyle center" (i.e. mall) to shop at Macy's. They, surprisingly, didn't have much of what I needed, although if I was willing to spend $50 on a bra, they had me covered.

I ended up at good old JC Penney. They recently redid their pricing model so that they don't really have sales anymore, but purport to have "low everyday prices". Thus I have stayed away, thinking that the prices probably aren't that low. I was pleasantly surprised, although I thought it was quite possible that after seeing $50 bras, seeing ones for $21 seemed like a bargain.

Even better (so I thought) was that they had a big rack of clearance bras for $5. Five bucks!! Long story short, I tried on about 150 bras (that may be a slight exaggeration) and ended up with four sale bras at $5 apiece and one regularly-priced one for $20. I was smug.

Fast forward to actually wearing them over the last couple of weeks and it turns out that the style of each and every one of the sale bras is such that the strap on one side slips over my goofy shoulder and down my arm. I hurt my shoulder a few years ago, and since then my left shoulder has a bump on it, that once the strap goes past that, it sliiiiiides. *sigh*

The one regularly priced bra is fantastic, though, and this weekend, I'll go back and get a couple more of those and then I won't have to think about buying bras for another couple of years!!


  1. I am facing the same dilemma. I have been putting off bra-shopping so long that it is now becoming a near-emergency. I tend to head right for the sale racks, so I will be keeping your advice in mind...

  2. I wish you hadn't reminded me that shopping for some new bras is something I simply must do soon. Not a fun expedition to my mind. I can never tell how one is going to feel until I've worn it for at least a day so picking a style out in the dressing room is a real cwap shoot.

    Another black smurch on the whole experience: Is there any reason in the world that a bra should cost $50!?


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