Sunday, September 8, 2013

As requested, more floor pictures

This is my bathroom. Please don't look too close, as there is a lot of construction grit and grime yet on everything.

The bottom of the closet door needs to be planed, so it's still off the hinges. In the picture above, I'm standing in the doorway that's always closed in the kitchen pictures. The bathroom has a whopping 5 x 5 of floor space, and has three doors. The stripes actually do make it feel a little roomier in there, and I figured with all the blue and green in the kitchen, I'd make the floor neutral in the bathroom and eventually paint the walls something else. They are a medium-dark gray at the moment, which doesn't look bad on its own, but doesn't really go with the tans of the floor.

Here's the back hallway. I originally wanted this all the white/light tan but after using so much for the bathroom, there wasn't quite enough. Since I didn't want to change the walls that I recently painted, I let the installer pick the extra non-white tiles and I love how it turned out. The dark rectangle is the heater vent, btw. The baseboards in here will have to be redone, as there is now a 1" gap under the orange walls. 

This is looking down the stairs  to the back door. The stairs look skewed in this picture, but they look just fine. I just love that this area will be easy to clean now. The carpet was really gross. I will need to get rugs with grippers, though, because the floor is nice and smooth. 

The floor tiles are really dull at the moment because they come with a protective finish that I will eventually strip off. I'll then give it a couple of coats of wax and it will really pop. 

I spent a good bit of yesterday starting the backsplash tile. For some reason I thought the space would allow 1/8" joints all over, so I set the first row 1/8" off the counter, and 1/8" between tiles. When I then went to fill in the other rows, I was about 1/2" short of space. Panic!! 

I left the first row in place and have done 1/16" joints instead, which is basically just setting them so they are level and have a bit of space between the rows. I bought the little 1/16" spacers, but they pop out even when I've pushed the tiles together, they look right, and are level. Since the first row of subway tiles has 1/8" spaces horizontally, I'm continuing that and it looks fine. 

I'll post some pictures when it's a little further along. 


  1. Oh, yeah, just love what you've done with the coloring in all the floors! When I first saw the picture of the bathroom, I immediately thought, "Yep, that makes the small space look bigger!" I love bold color anyway so you know your choices appeal to me. (Hasn't that just made your day to know I approve?!)

  2. I love bold floor choices - it just brightens everything up. Was thinking about you, with all this news of flooding in CO. Hope that you and Mr. W (and Sally) are safe and sound and dry.


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