Sunday, September 1, 2013

The delay continues

It's been a week-long pause now, since my new kitchen cabinets were installed and anything else has happened. I emailed the contractor and he's trying, but hasn't been able to get an installation schedule yet for the floor and counters.

I'm trying not to get too annoyed here, but I'm tired of doing my dishes in the bathtub. It seems to me that the floor/counter sales person knew that the job was happening, and even if my final choices weren't made (due partly to his lack of communication) he should have scheduled the installers' time.

In other news, Mr W's had his first cross country meet yesterday. He's just started up this running thing again, and it's been a challenge because it's been so hot since school started. They actually called off school on Friday because of the heat. The schools just haven't been able to get cooled off at night. Crazy. He's doing great, though. I keep telling him that the person he's racing against is the runner he was when he started two weeks ago. 

I've been getting inspired for making new jewelry, and ordering supplies. Yesterday I put in orders for watch parts, buttons and some other new dangly things that are going to look great. I signed up for two craft shows this fall, over the first weekend of November and first weekend of December. That will give me some Christmas spending money, and it seems I get motivated with a goal like having to have stuff ready for a craft show. 

I've done yoga twice a week for the last two weeks and I'm really glad I've started. Yesterday we did these balance on one leg and lean forward things and I couldn't really do them. And having to sit on your feet, so the top of your foot is completely on the floor and you sit on the soles of your feet, is impossible for me right now. But it will get better. Gotta start where I am, just like the kid.


  1. How frustrating! There's nothing worse than sitting around waiting for some nincompoop to get his act together - and you even paying for it! Yoga takes a while, especially the balance, but it is so worth it. Hope the heat subsides soon. And looking forward to seeing the new burst of creativity!

  2. Arrgh. Having a non-functioning kitchen is just slightly above having a non-functioning bathroom! (Well, maybe a lot above.) Here's hoping those that need to get the lead out do so this coming week!

    Just reading about your yoga positions gives me instant cramps in my feet and legs. Glad it's going well for you. I'm sure it's advantageous for a person's overall health and well being.

    1. Progress is being made!

      Regarding the yoga, I have to say that it has been WORK to begin, and I am just at the beginning of this, but I am so glad I did.


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