Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glub, glub, glub

It seems a lot of northern Colorado is under water at the moment, but my little part of it is doing OK. It's truly scary to hear/see the harrowing tales of people's homes being inundated. Our local river, the Poudre, flooded Friday, closing several bridges in town. Although the river is about a 1/2 mile from my house, there are a couple of good-enough-sized hills between me and it, so it doesn't look like my neighborhood will flood.

We had a nice morning and afternoon Saturday weather-wise, but by late afternoon the rain started again. It's supposed to finally push out of the area tomorrow. The kids got another unplanned day off Friday, which I think was a good idea, and have a scheduled day off tomorrow, so another four day weekend for them.

I've been working on jewelry stuff. Button fobs, to be specific. Mr. W is holding some finished ones and some works in progress below:

My wireworking skills are so-so, but getting better. I still have to figure out the best length of chain or cord (I'm thinking cord) to use, but I like them so far. I can attach different things on the bottom, and have bought some new charms and even some old clock hands to play around with. I thought also to make some textured polymer clay tiles to attach at the bottom, too. 

In kitchen news, the stove and dishwasher got delivered, but even after one return trip by the installer to fix the probelm, the dishwasher is leaking, so I haven't used it. I need to finish the tile, which I hope to make a dent in today, and I have hit the wall, so to speak, regarding all the clutter in other parts of the house. It is time to get stuff put away. So tile and de-clutter are on tap for this rainy Sunday.

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