Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Simple kindness

So much of the time in my day to day activities, I put my head down and do the work. Or put my head down and go to the next thing. Yesterday I was making my way to spin class and was entering the building at the same time as another person.

She picked up her pace just a little, got the door, looked me in the eye and smiled. It made me realize I don't look people in the eye enough. I probably get the door for plenty of people, but the eye contact thing must sort of intimidate me.

That sort of action has ripple effects, to be sure. I felt like someone had just done something nice for me and I wanted to pass that on. There's a saying out there that I will not get right but goes something like, we can be judged by the way we treat people who can do nothing for us.

I'm going to make an effort to practice (and it IS practice) doing the door-eye contact-smile thing.


  1. Yes, the eye contact thing! I (nearly) always have the nice, casual, passing, short conversations with people, but I am guilty of not making that genuine, all important eye contact. What a great reminder. Now if I can just remember it long enough to make it a HABIT! Thanks, Linda, I needed that.

  2. Thank goodness for those people who push those of us who are more comfortable under the radar. It's like the person who REALLY hugs you - not some gratuitous air-kiss thing.


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