Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweater progress

I have to say I am really happy with my Leaflet sweater so far. Very happy with the thick yarn (Cascade Pastaza) making progress easy to see. I've saved a lot of sweater patterns to Ravelry, and I like the look of a sweater made from DK yarn, but I need more in the way of instant gratification.

This pattern is really well written. I like the process of knitting this sweater. With the lace panel down the back, every row has something going on. In the beginning, increases are happening to make the sleeves, as well as doing the pattern on both the right and wrong side. It's a pattern that needs the knitter to pay attention, but I like that aspect of it. Doing stockinette stitch on and on feels really tedious, and with this pattern, I feel like every row has something a little different.

Yes, I have to knit with a piece of paper handy, and at the moment am doing sets of 6 rows in pattern with a decrease row. I don't mind ticking off each row as I go. I'm on my third ball of yarn, and I've got at least nine balls, maybe 10, so I think I'll be able to make this long sleeved. It's going to be very warm, but has been nice to work on during these last couple of days when we've had a cold snap. I think I'll be able to finish the body this weekend.

In other news, today is Mr W's birthday. He turns 13, and we'll have his party on Saturday. He invited a small number of kids to go play laser tag, and it looks like we'll have about half a dozen boys attend. He's getting a Kindle Fire from his dad and I. One more device, but I'm hoping he'll actually use it for reading as well as games. We'll see. My kid - the teenager.


  1. It seems impossible that YOU have a teenage son! Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. W!! I love that sweater, Linda. It's got just enough 'bling' to be interesting. And I do so agree with using the bulkier yarn - knitting socks with fingering weight, one at a time, is enough to drive one mad...

  2. Even with the bulkier yarn, I think you're making fast progress. Hope you can make it long sleeved. It will almost serve as a lightweight jacket that way. Very, very attractive.

    Gulp! A teenager now? They say boys (going through those difficult teen years) are easier than girls. I only had a girl . . . and I don't think a boy could possibly have been as emotionally wonky to deal with!


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