Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's going on here?

I took this picture on Saturday, at about 10:30 in the morning. This side of my house faces south, and the temperature was around freezing and getting a little warmer. You can see two kinds of icicles, the regular straight up-and-down kind, and also some that jut out from center. 

Any idea what's going on? I have a couple of ideas, but thought this was an interesting thing to share.


  1. I'm eager to hear your theory 'cause we have the same configurations on a part of our roof facing south. It's almost like some of the icicles are straining, stretching and reaching out for the sun! The difference in our circumstance is that we haven't had any temperatures even near freezing (always way below) for a long time.

  2. We also have some of those on the southwest corner and I found it rather odd; can't wait to read your theories.

  3. This is cause bu a faint breeze as the icicles form. The window I look out of gets them and years ago i watched as they formed, the apple trees branches were just barely swaying but it made a difference in how the water dripped down the icicle.


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