Sunday, July 6, 2008

How many places have you lived?

Mr W splits his time between his dad's house and mine. Both in the same town, so it is a relatively painless arrangement. Yesterday, Mr W asked me, "how many houses have you lived in?" I asked, "you mean everywhere I've ever lived?" Yes.

I had to think about it, but I finally came up with 17:

Cleveland: 2
Bowling Green, OH: 7
Norwalk, OH: 1
Fremont, OH: 1
Toledo, OH: 1
Fort Collins, CO: 5

I moved yearly when I was going to school for my undergrad, followed by the first round of grad school. Then there were several years of moving around when I was married, trying to find a place where we could live and both have jobs.

I've been in CO now for 11 years, this house for almost 3. Moving so often (well, it feel like it's been pretty often) has made me less of a pack rat than I think I would have been otherwise. Before every move I've gone through my things and made the "Goodwill pile" of items to give away.

My current house is by far my favorite, for lots of reasons. It's mine, for one, and I LOVE the area. I already know that it won't be the last place, though. At some point CB and I will get a place that will have to be larger than my little cottage. And when that time comes, I'll have my tape, boxes and Sharpie marker at the ready to get the job done.

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