Monday, July 14, 2008

I am so, like, going shopping!

My boss sent out an email today, saying that there was extra money in the budget that needed to be spent ASAP, and to get our orders in today. This situation, although rare, never ceases to amaze me, in that I wonder why the system doesn't allow for the realization of this much extra cash until so late in the budgetary game.

Hey, though, I can rise to the challenge. I spent a couple of hours looking over what I had squirreled away, as we have to stock up over the two month ordering freeze that occurs in August and September every year anyway, and came up with an order (actually 5 orders to 5 different companies) for about $4,800 worth of stuff.

Now I am in no danger of running out of PCR or sequencer supplies, and will be able to get back to the lab shortly and get back to work. I also have a hard time getting over how expensive some of the supplies are, with propriety mixes of stuff for the sequencer being the most outrageous.

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