Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where's George?

I've been thinking about money lately, currency to be exact. Not just because it always seems to be in short supply. I've switched over to a contracting position at work where we get paid every two (count 'em, two!) weeks instead of once per month, and I'm pleased. However, I'm also a little bummed out because I told Mr W that we'd take a trip to the Denver Mint before he went back to school. Lo and behold, there are no tours open before sometime in September, so we'll have to do it another time. Several people have mentioned that it's a worthwhile trip.

Have you ever gotten a dollar bill (or a five, ten, etc.) that has stamped on it? If you go to the site, you can enter the serial number of your bill and see where that bill has been. I've entered a couple of bills and it's a cool way to document how currency (and therefore people) move around, or as they say, how things move in "moneyspace". I had a stamped bill on my recent trip from CO-MN-AZ-CO, but I mistakenly spent it before I logged it in.

The site has a list of the "top 10 bills" that have been kept track of. Here's a sample, where one entry says, "Got it for change at a gas station when I bought a bag of beef jerky" and "Got it for change at Quizno's downtown St. Louis, MO"

They also have a page of interesting links about money. So, the next time you see a stamped bill, help generate some interesting data!

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