Saturday, July 5, 2008

I should have said something

Mr W and I went to the city's fireworks display last night. I like doing this because it's a good show and we live close enough that we can get in and out on our bikes. There are a lot of people down there, and we plunked our blanket down right in the thick of things.

We ended up sitting next to some younger people, maybe in their early 20's. They were hip, tattooed, and two of them had young children (a year or so old). Nothing wrong with how the kids were treated, but it seemed like everyone but the one mom was smoking, right next to the kids.

I feel like such an old fart, but I feel like I should have said something to the mom that she shouldn't let people smoke so close to her kid. Period. They also cussed like sailors, but that's a different issue.

At least they weren't visibly under the influence; that job was ably performed by folks on another nearby blanket, who apparently figured we all had hearing impairments because they yelled through almost the entire display. Maybe the hipsters were too young to drink...

I know, I know, if I don't like the crowds perhaps I should stay home. Next year, I think I will try to put my blanket down in a less crowded location.

That said, the display was really nice, long enough, lots of variety and an over-the-top finale. Mr W was suitably impressed and, after all, it's mostly for him that we went anyway.

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