Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've been pretty good about watching the debates this year. I usually avoid them because the verbal attacks, even if I don't care for one or both participants, make me uncomfortable. This year it's too important to miss, so I've watched.

I had to divide my attention last night between Mr W and the debate, so I only got to really watch about a third of it. I kept the TV on otherwise and while I was reading bedtime stories, I kept pausing, prompting Mr W to say, "come on, read please."

Analyses afterwards and this morning seem to indicate that Obama came out a bit ahead, and McCain didn't change too many minds. He apparently sounded more like a typical politician.

Although things can change rapidly, I'm pondering this morning what it feels like to be an Obama supporter when it looks like he might win. I'm thrilled he's made it this far in the contest. I like how he conducts himself, even though his campaign has, like McCain's, aired negative and misleading attack ads.

Only 4 more weeks.


  1. McCain should probably read "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Being condescending, forgetting people's names and referring to your opponent as "That One" aren't winning over the undecided voters.

  2. I'm hoping it was a slip, but it's easy to interpret "That One" as a sign of his contempt for his opponent, something Obama didn't show.

    I can't believe we have four weeks yet to go.


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