Saturday, October 18, 2008

I do knit, really

I joined a Christmas Swap this year. Friend la Guera told me about it, and there are about 30 people from around the world (isn't that cool?) who are participating. Each person sends needles, pattern and yarn for a Christmas-themed item, something warm to drink, some candy and a story from their country.

I have been matched with Ida, from Norway. She is an accomplished knitter, as I've seen from her site. I realized, though, that she hasn't seen much of my stuff, so I figured I'd post a few pictures. I don't want to end up with something too difficult for me to knit, but on the other hand, everything that's been a challenge so far I have eventually figured out.


  1. Thanks! It's supposed to be a box, but for the first one (that one) I couldn't figure out the chain stitch to join the seams. I eventually did, and the next two have sharper corners.

    I really like them too, it's good for keeping hands busy and not thinking too much about pattern.


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