Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thanks, Sal

Getting ready for the day is usually a reasonably smooth experience. I get up about an hour before I wake up Mr W, and he gets over an hour to eat/watch TV/get dressed/play a little. I make lunches the night before, and often lay out clothes for each of us as well. It's a rare thing that I arrive at work with my blood pressure up and pissed off.

But pissed off I was last Wednesday, when I sync'd my ipod, unplugged it from the computer and put it.... somewhere. Couldn't find it. Looked by the back door, in the bathroom, in my room, back to the computer. Rinse and repeat at least a couple of times. I couldn't find the thing, and ended up getting to work 15 minutes after I had agreed to be there. Arrg.

I still don't know exactly what happened, but I came home, and there it was. On my bed. With a few suspiciously dog-sized tooth marks in the case. And a little damp. But intact and it's worked fine ever since. What possessed Sally to stop at a little bit of chewing and stopping before she did any damage is beyond me.

I have witnessed her destroy a cell phone at the dog park once. Someone must have lost it in the grass because she found it and (in retrospect this seems so clear) Mr W's and my hysteria in trying to run her down and get the thing resulted in unabashed glee on her part, prancing around as she chewed it into a couple of pieces.

So, thanks Sal. I appreciate having my ipod back, even though I don't know how you got it in the first place.

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  1. She did not chew it up because after listening, she decided liked your taste in music! Or maybe the music reminded her of you and she was feeling a bit lonely that day. Smart dog!


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