Friday, March 19, 2010

On for tonight

Tonight, Joel Salatin is speaking in Fort Collins. The talk was originally scheduled to be held at one of the more progressive churches in town, but has been moved to our local performance hall (seats about 1200). I'm so excited! After reading about crap like tomato paste rackets in California, and meat farming down south, I fear (get ready for this understatement) that factory farms may not have our best interests at heart. And those links are for stories I just found this morning while looking through my regular news websites. *sigh*
I find these "in defense of food" stories empowering, and I become more convinced that the more we can do for ourselves in terms of being informed (even if we can't or don't want to grow our own food) the better. I joke about wanting to be adopted by a CSA farm to learn what they do, but I would like to learn such things. I will at least be spending more money ($20 a week is my goal) at the local farmers market, and also (I think this is as important) breaking out of my shell a bit to talk to people at the market. I also want keep an eye out for other ways to learn about what would be involved to not only be a better backyard gardener, but also to someday perhaps pursue that dream of making a modest living from what I can grow on some small acreage.

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