Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too, too frou-frou

I've been on a pogo stick of a search for someone to cut and color my hair. I had the same woman do it for 10 years, and when I finally realized that I got a good cut about one time in three, it was time to find someone else. The next person I found was kind of militant in her view (chicken as pets, not food, for example) of things, as well as being open only on Tues, Wed. Thurs. I now am going to a salon downtown and I like the stylist that I have.

When I get my hair cut and colored, I really just want it cut and colored. I'm not, for reasons I'm not sure I know, into the "salon experience". If I wanted, I could have a paraffin wrap on my hands, as well as a scalp massage and a foot bath while my color set. I saw several people walking around with plastic bags over both hands and finally figured out that's what it was. The foot thing, I don't know, maybe it's all that Catholic school I had, but there's an element of servitude that I'm not comfortable with in someone bringing me a pan of soapy water to soak my feet in. These extras sort of took me by surprise the first time I went to the salon, but this time, the stylist asked, but didn't bat an eye when I said 'no, but thanks'.

It's funny, though. Product, it's all about the product, baby. It's an Aveda salon, and the stylist was saying how my hair looked so nice and shiny, and took the color so nicely, that I might consider using their $12 a bottle shampoo. I admit I really do like this spray stuff I bought last time that gives my straight and heavy hair some oomph. So I bought more of that and some shampoo, I think partly because she said it made my hair look nice!

So, I'll stay with this stylist, decline the extras and use the product.


  1. I have several friends who are hairdressers and it makes it an uncomfortable thing to have someone else do your hair after you've had a friend and then wonder what they are thinking. I'm just that way. I think a reliable stranger is a good thing. Once I had a girl do highlights that I LOVED and so I went back and asked for the same thing..you know, look it up on the card and it was horrible!! Perhaps they have 'HAIRMATCH.COM' to find a good fit!!

  2. When I lived in DC I paid $180 every 6-8 weeks and the work was WONDERFUL. Now here in NY, I was going to the local lady for the first year because I like her, she knows people and we'd have drinks afterward. But she gave me terrible haircuts that made me look bad. So I started going to Fantastic Sams for haircuts and the random people gave me better cuts. Now I've decided to fire the local lady for color too and just go to Fantastic Sams for everything. Such a change from the big city salon, but I like not having to make appointments and just going when I want.


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