Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can see me in one of these

I've been struck by the urge to travel a bit this summer. I'm already signed up for a conference in Ithaca, NY in early June, and Mr W and I will take a week and so something, but I wanted to start camping again.

Then it hit me. For the last three summers (when I was in the long distance relationship) I was working on the weekends I didn't have Mr W, and getting house stuff done when I had him, so I stayed pretty close to home. I made my choices willingly, so it's not like I was forced to budget my time that way.

But this summer, THIS summer, I am filled with the promise of not having to budget my time as in the past, and I won't be teaching, so I will get 15-20 hours a week back, or it hopefully will feel something like that.

So, I want one of these, a 13' travel trailer. I won't get one, most likely, but I want one! This is not a new theme with me. After Mr W was born, I got this same sort of urge, but it manifested itself in having to have a VW Vanagon campervan. I searched relentlessly, and we found an '86 for a reasonable price. We used it pretty often, they are great camping vehicles. It was decided in the divorce that x would keep it, as it's finicky, and needs frequent small repairs (that cost a lot of money).

But in using the Vanagon, I realized I'd rather have a small trailer that can be set up and left at the site, just in case the car is needed to do something. I love the idea of having everything I'd need in such a little space.

I'll probably buy one of these instead, as the price difference is several thousand dollars! It's from LLBean, and I like how it's got its own little screened in porch.
I had a dream last night that I have occasionally, and I'm going to have to think about what it means if anything). Every once in a while (probably several times a year) I dream that I'm a little ways up in a building, or on a dock and that I can see whales in the water. Often they are orcas, sometimes nondescript whales. It's always such a thrill to see them, and I usually say in my dream something like, "I have dreams like this, it's so cool to see them for real!" Duh.


  1. my ex sisters-in-law (there are 3 of them) are campers, but only got their own stuff after I was out of the scene. They really enjoy it and camp at least half the weekends of the summer...often more. They have supplied their campers with most of the stuff they need and can leave it there, as opposed to occasional campers who start from scratch each trip. They can be ready to go in very little time and know that they have the essentials. Have FUN !! Just do it! A pull behind will be as reliable as your vehicle, unlike the VW. The tent is also a great idea. I have tented a fair amount, and large tents are affordable, but not so squeezy that you can't spread out ...

  2. I looked at a Scamp before I got my tent trailer. I think the tent trailer is the way to go, lighter, roomier, less wind resistance. But you need a substantial vehicle to haul it around with... As you would a Scamp.

  3. I'm in love with the airstream basecamp. That is what I lust after. They say, even a hybrid can pull one. . . .

  4. Gary and I borrowed Mike Gallagher's pop-up tent trailer once and L-O-V-E-D it. Have fun!

  5. Yeah, I haven't worked out whether my Civic could haul one, I don't think it could. There's so much variation in what's for sale, too. Seems like some trailers have their own brakes, some don't - there a lot to learn.

    Mary - that Airstream is amazing.


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