Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On a lighter note...

Yesterday's post was a bit heavy, and after a good night's sleep I feel better about my place in the world. Mr W's going to turn out fine, and he'll be exposed to enough good partnerships that he'll be able to pick up what a good marriage is.

So, I wanted to show you these flowers. This plant is pretty humble, but a few months ago it developed a stumpy offshoot from one of its branches and lo and behold produced about 5 rounds of flowers. For my part, I try to ignore it except when it's really dry, and haven't moved it, in hopes that it will keep flowering when it sees fit to. Well, it sat dormant for the winter and now has this delightful crop of flowers. Waxy star centers, velvety petals, just perfect.


  1. Your blossoms are gorgeous! On our previous homestead, I had a hoya hanging on either side of a whole wall's expanse of west windows and they would blossom like that a couple of times a year. Watch the individual blossoms as they drop off 'cause they emit a sticky goo when they do!

  2. Hi, there! I'm soooo behind on reading blogs, but the thumbnail of your hoya blossom on my blogroll grabbed my attention immediately! I'm VERY envious! I'm going to finish commenting before I read Mama Pea's (my mom's) comment . . . knowing that she may say a similar thing: in the house in which I grew up, Mom had a HUGE hoya between the west windows. The blooms were few and far between but when they did come, they were beautiful! I think it takes j-u-s-t the right conditions to get a hoya to bloom. One of my hoyas is from my grandma (Mama Pea's mama), and I know it's about 25 years old . . . and I don't think I've EVER been able to get more than one bloom out of it, much less (getting) any of my others to bloom, either. So, what you have there is a RARE thing! ENJOY!

  3. Ha ha - so, Mom, 2x a year? I wonder what house I grew up in?!

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  5. Hey, Chickie Mama -

    Question: I wonder what house I grew up in?!

    Answer: Obviously not the one with the two hoyas hanging on either side of the west window that bloomed twice a year! ;o)


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