Monday, January 2, 2012

Another link dump

There are lots of good end of the year round-ups out there and I'm having trouble reading them all, so I'm going to tuck them here with the hope that I'll get back to them. Sooner rather later.

OK, here goes.

From a radio program that I like and admire called OnBeing, where they explore issues of spirituality and talk to folks of all stripes regarding their faith and beliefs. Tolerance and respect all around. This piece is on sacred choral music.

Not the most uplifting blog out there, Naked Capitalism connects the dots between the goings on in the complex world of finance and your and my pocketbooks. These are her 2012 predictions.

A year end review from one of my favorite science writers (EVER!), Carl Zimmer.

Civil Eats is a food blog that deals with sustainability issues. These are their picks for the top food stories of the last year.

Ed Yong is another great science writer who blogs at Not Exactly Rocket Science. These are his year end picks. A link dump from him is This.

I guess there were fewer than I thought. Now they're here for safe keeping.

1-3-12: Found one more. This is from a Wired blog that deals with public health issues. It is my opinion that if people want to know more about things sciencey, they should start with public health. This has stories about things like the CO Listeria outbreak, the downsides of sleeping with your pet, the cost when an unvaccinated person gets a preventable disease, the rise of antibiotic strains of bacteria, and other important topics.

On a brighter note, I've been looking for a new wallet, and I think I found one! A-dorable!!

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